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Wedding Photography

There is nothing quite so special as your wedding day. The best way to remember it? Capture it on film. Wedding photography is one of the most cherished mementoes of your special day and is unsurprisingly one of the areas that couples tend to factor into their budget first.

On this site, you'll learn all about wedding photography. What to look for in your wedding photographer, what your style is, what images you want to capture, how much time you want to allot for posed photographs, and what to do with the photographs afterwards. Wedding photographs are great gifts for framing or adding to an album.

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

3 Dec 2020

One of the most important events that can take place in a person's life is their wedding. They want to capture this special day through pictures. It means taking the time to choose an experienced wedding photographer who is going to commit to producing memorable wedding photos.

Becoming a Wedding Photographer

31 Oct 2020

Some of the most popular wedding photographers are those who have been self-taught. They have taken the time to specialise in wedding photography by combining their expertise of being able to photograph nature then connecting these two forms of photography and creating exceptional results for their clients.

Wedding Poses

27 Aug 2020

A photographer has a lot of details to consider when doing a wedding shoot. Not only is the appearance of the wedding couple important, so is the area in which the photos are being taken. What has become increasingly popular is now to get the wedding couple to pose for the pictures.